Profiles In Leadership: Dan Biles
Jan 17, 2020

Dan Biles's leadership experience is proving invaluable in an era of tremendous growth and change in Pasco County, as he serves as Administrator for the Board of County Commissioners. He is responsible for the operation of over 60 different departments and divisions with almost 2,700 employees that deliver municipal…

Profiles In Leadership: Kurt Conover
Dec 19, 2019

Mr. Kurt Conover grew up in New Port Richey and has invested himself to improve the lives of all people in Pasco County.

His family lived so close to the Pithlachascotee River, they sometimes fished out of the living room and dining room windows.  His family's enjoyment of the outdoors helped prepare him to become the Director of

Profiles In Leadership: Alan Wilkett
Dec 10, 2019

Alan Wilkett's relentless passion for justice has become legendary.

We are deeply grateful for the impeccable law enforcement career of Corporal Alan Wilkett of the Pasco Sheriff's Office, and more specifically for his tireless pursuit of the goal of ending human trafficking in all of…

Profiles In Leadership: Gary Joiner
Dec 03, 2019

We've taken notice of Gary Joiner's long and effective career in public service for Pasco County, as well as his commitment to caring for residents in need.

As the Property Appraiser of Pasco County since 2016, Gary Joiner is the elected…

Profiles In Leadership: Regan Weiss
Aug 19, 2019

Regan Weiss is the President of Templar Contracting. Co-founded with Joey Deeb in 2017, Templar Contracting is a full-service contractor specializing in Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling, Project Design Additions, Renovations, and Emergency Wind/Fire/Water Restoration.

Prior to Templar, Regan has worked for

Profiles In Leadership: Ron Broadrick
Aug 13, 2019

Prior to founding Earth Tech in 1991, Ron was a Project Manager for Geo-Con, a large national geotechnical construction company. During this time he traveled extensively throughout the United States completing many large and innovative soil stabilization projects. Ron has spent his entire career in the specialty geotechnical, soil stabilization…

Profiles In Leadership: Peter Buczynsky
Jul 29, 2019

Peter Buczynsky is the President of PharmaWorks, founded in 2002 in Pasco County and manufactures and refurbishes equipment used by pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaworks designs and manufactures automated blister packaging machinery primarily serving the pharmaceutical industry. Their commitment to continuous technical innovation, flexibility,…

Profiles In Leadership: Mike Fasano
Jul 23, 2019

While Mike Fasano has faithfully served Pasco County as Tax Collector for the past 6 years, his public service goes much deeper than that!

Mike attended Saint Petersburg Junior College from 1987 to 1990. His professional…

Profiles In Leadership: Dr. Kevin O'Farrell
Jul 15, 2019

Kevin O'Farrell, Ph.D., began his role as provost at the Porter Campus on October 10. Most recently, he served PHSC as the associate dean of academic affairs and institutional accreditation…

Profiles In Leadership: Rao Musunuru, M.D.
Jul 08, 2019

Rao Musunuru, M.D. was born and raised in a small rural farming village in South India, with no electricity and went to the city at 16, to attend medical school.

He legally emigrated to the United States in 1976 with his then pregnant wife, $250 and two suitcases full of personal belongings. Rao received post-graduate medical training in New York City for five years. He chose cardiology…