Profiles In Leadership: Peter Buczynsky

Jul 29, 2019

Peter Buczynsky is the President of PharmaWorks, founded in 2002 in Pasco County and manufactures and refurbishes equipment used by pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaworks designs and manufactures automated blister packaging machinery primarily serving the pharmaceutical industry. Their commitment to continuous technical innovation, flexibility, quality and customer service are core values that allow Pharmaworks to be the leading market leader for pharmaceutical blister packaging solutions in the USA. 

Peter is also a founding member of AmSkills and is the manufacturing industry’s driving force to establish the AmSkills Apprenticeship Program. He is currently the ICTC Governing Board dba AmSkills Chairman of the Board; PMMI Educational & Workforce Development Committee Member; Member of the Pasco Economic Development Council; River Ridge High School Engineering Academy Advisory Committee Member; and a Board Member for the Florida Suncoast Manufacturers Association.

Thank you Peter Buczynsky for your unremitting commitment to continuous technical innovation for engineering and manufacturing in Pasco County!


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