Creating differentiated brand strategies for America's best organizations

Digital Lightbridge is a strategic marketing firm that delivers dynamic advertising and communications solutions for corporations that require an integrated branding approach to the execution of their marketing and sales strategy.

Digital Lightbridge helps companies articulate their unique value proposition, product advantages and service differentiators to their target audience. We then engage your entire organization to turn that vision into reality with our unique ability to blend strategic planning, business consulting, technology, creativity, communications, marketing campaigns and project management. This approach yields our clients with an unsurpassed experience that produces results.

Community Partners

6 Basic Beliefs & Guidelines for Action!

1. Christian Integrity: Always do what is right. – Read Proverbs 21:3.

2. Excellence: Make money and have fun while creating high-quality, professional marketing products and services based on wisdom.
– Read ‘The E-Myth Revisited’ & ‘Traction’.

3. Respect: Follow the Golden Rule: Trust, love, and honesty to our team and clients. – Read Matthew 7:12.

4. Positive Attitude: React to every situation according to your most deeply held values, which are fundamentally optimistic.
– Read ‘Attitude’ by Charles R. Swindoll.

5. Leadership: Try things, be entrepreneurial, and take total responsibility for your actions and results.
– Read about a ‘Level 5 Leader’ by John C. Maxwell & Jim Collins.

6. Professionalism: Deliver a desired and preferred client experience (CX) to every person that we serve.
– Read ‘The New One Minute Manager’ by Ken Blanchard.

Mission Statement

Create strategic marketing solutions with excellence while sharing the love of Jesus.

Vision Statement

For the glory of God, we will deliver a system that creates brand value and serves America's best organizations.